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Aldersgruppe: 18 til 30 år

About the project. 

Come and help us out on the voluntary central, we’re in need of some extra hands and brains. The main goal will be working with and for the local youth and organizing different kind of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Support the local youth council in their political work and environmental projects. You will also be working with and for the elderly and immigrants. We can offer a wide range of possibilities for personal growth! Learn the Norwegian language and the way of living in one of Norway’s smallest municipalities located way up north. The program covers all your expenses! 

Visit our homepage. There you can find all the information you need to take the first step towards signing up for our volunteering program. We also have a facebook-page called EVS Vevelstad, where you can send a message or post questions. 

We are looking forward to future volunteers and welcome you with warm hospitality.

What is so special about Norway? 

Norway prides itself on their countless mountians, long and deep fjords and connection with nature. Norway has a large amount of respect and trust in human kind. Therefore Norway is a heartfelt country with care and hospitality. Get to know it’s culure and try our famous brown cheese. 

Why Vevelstad? 

The best Vevelstad has to offer is nature. The 500 residents are always welcoming to those who seek to stay there. It’s a place for those who are close to nature. You get to experience something different than the ordinary city life. Although it is a small place, this might be the place for you! And you can experience the mountains, the sea, the midnight sun and the northern lights.


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- Find the European Solidarity Corps and click on "Join the corps."

-Find a sending org. near you.

-Contact us by E-Mail:, then from that point the rest will be discussed and planned.

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